Responding to outbreaks through co-creative sustainable inclusive equality strategies (Resistiré)

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
Grant Agreement: 101015990
Duration: 24 months
Start date: 1/04/2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic is not only a health crisis, but also a humanitarian, economic and social crisis that is affecting everyone, but especially certain vulnerable groups. In particular, women have been hit harder than men. Some have lost their jobs, others have been victims of violence, financial difficulties or physical and mental illness.

RESISTIRÉ (Responding to outbreaks through co-creative inclusive equality strategies and collaboration) is an EU-funded project investigating how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected ‘equality’ in 31 European countries (the 27 EU countries plus Iceland, the UK, Serbia and Turkey). 

The aims of RESISTIRÉ are: 1) to understand the impact of COVID-19 policy responses on behavioural, social and economic inequalities in the 31 countries considered, based on a gender+ conceptual framework; 2) to design, conceive and pilot policy solutions and social innovations that can be implemented by policy makers, stakeholders and actors in different policy domains.

RESISTIRÉ is designed to achieve its results over the next two years through multidisciplinary research, cross-sectoral co-creation, solutions development and a comprehensive communication strategy. It proposes a cyclical approach (3 cycles), whereby the analysis process is repeated every 6 months, in order to produce new operational results and to integrate the findings made in the previous one.

Each cycle involves:
– A broad mapping of policy and social responses to COVID-19, the analysis of existing surveys and research, the conduct of workshops with civil society and interviews with public authorities, the collection of individual narratives of precarious and vulnerable individuals.
– The development of appropriate responses and operational recommendations for policy makers, stakeholders and different actors operating in the field.
– Launching pilot actions to test the potential impact of proposed solutions.
– The dissemination of knowledge, the development of policy recommendations and stakeholder empowerment actions to exploit the project results.

The RESISTIRE project, coordinated by the European Science Foundation, is carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium of ten European partners in the field of research, innovation and design, with an established network of stakeholders in the health sector.