The RESISTIRÉ team, supported by its network of national researchers in 30 European countries, concluded its research activities in the first cycle between July and August. In particular, the following operations were carried out:

– The mapping of policy and societal responses to COVID-19 in Europe (containing about 600 grids covering policy and social responses)
– Mapping of Rapid Assessment Surveys (RAS) available in Europe (containing a summary of nearly 300 RAS)
– 8 workshops with civil society representatives
– 23 interviews with public authorities
– The collection of 189 individual narratives of people belonging to intersectional vulnerable groups.

On this basis, the first summary report containing the results of the in-depth research on inequalities caused by COVID-19 policies in the framework of WP2 was published in August. The report describes the gender dimensions of policy and social initiatives implemented in Europe to counter the pandemic and their consequences on inequalities.
WP3 and WP4 data analysis are still ongoing. Final reports will focus on quantitative and qualitative inequality indicators with the aim of analysing existing data and identifying research gaps. Results from the three WPs will be used in the next research phase.

Project insights and research results will be available soon on the website page