On 7 September 2023, an event was held in Brussels involving the 5 sister projects funded under the same #Horizon call as RESISTIRÉ: RESPOND, COVINFORM, PERISCOPE and SHARE-COVID.

This was a conference to explore the impact of health and policy responses to the #COVID19 pandemic on vulnerable groups. The title of the event was ‘Promoting pandemic Preparedness – Health and policy responses to protect wellbeing and address social inequalities’.

The conference facilitated the sharing of research findings from the five projects, with a focus on policy recommendations to improve government preparedness for upcoming crises, health-related and otherwise.

Discussions focused on possible actions to protect the well-being of the population, including the implementation of new policies and initiatives that could be used to reduce social inequalities.

The conference was attended by delegates from several European research institutions (from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK) and the European Commission.

K&I participated with a presentation by Claudia Aglietti. The presentation focused on some of the Better Stories mapped by RESISTIRÉ.