Developing sustainable solutions to mitigate gender inequalities caused by COVID-19 policy responses would not be possible without the involvement of stakeholders from politics, civil society, and the non-profit sector. Listening to their stories and involving them in the design process is crucial to ensure that the solutions we propose are relevant, feasible and replicable in different national contexts.

The RESISTIRÉ project was conceived specifically with this participatory approach in mind. The three cycles of co-creation that make up the project begin with in-depth research in 31 European countries, lead to collaborative elaboration of solutions in Open Studios and culminate in the development of operational recommendations to mitigate gender inequalities caused, or exacerbated, by COVID-19 policy responses.

Having completed the first cycle of qualitative and quantitative research, the team is now preparing the first cycle Open Studios, which will take place from late September to mid-October 2021. The Open Studios are based on an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to policy design, bringing together a wide diversity of participants and methods to ensure creative and innovative outcomes. During these intensive two-day workshops, representatives of the project consortium will meet with activists, national researchers, policymakers, and NGO representatives to focus on four main thematic areas:

SO1 – Improving support for health workers
SO2 – Solutions for inclusive teleworking
SO3 – Solutions for inclusive access to green areas
SO4 – Transforming masculinity roles

Find out more about the first cycle Open Studios on the website