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Elke Kock-Weser passed away. She was an honorary member of Knowledge and Innovation. The reason for her recent adhesion can be found way back in time. Elke in fact worked with many of us from the very beginning of our scientific and professional venture (since the early 80s), which eventually merged into our association. Together with her late husband, the sociologist Paolo Ammassari, Elke shared with us many significant moments.
We remember the conferences in Rome, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Bamako, Kobe, and Algiers along with the work and discussions on themes that were dear to her as well as to us, such as development, modernisation, gender equality and, above all, the common concern on how to make sociology, enriched by statistics, fruitful for the understanding of social phenomena. We met recently, when she had retired from her most pressing work engagements, in the occasion in which she held a very touching eulogy on the scientific and human figure of Giancarlo Quaranta on the occasion of the first anniversary of his departure. We then met her, one last time, in a seminar on the role of gender in economic analysis models no later than one year ago.
Elke was a kind and generous person, of great human quality. A cosmopolitan social scientist of vast experience and various interests, who has contributed to the professional development of many of us, who met her when we were young researchers. Her departure brings a great sorrow. In the years to come we will remember her smile, her enthusiasm and her strength.

“KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION (K&I) – School of sociology and interdisciplinary research” was founded to contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge on contemporary societies and the transformations taking place within them. It carries out activities in Italy, in Europe and at the international level, using an interdisciplinary approach that includes all levels of social research: epistemological, theoretical and methodological.

Knowledge and Innovation was established by a group of social scientists working professionally in several research organizations, who wanted to capitalise on and give new impulse to their common research program on the evolution and governance of contemporary societies begun in the late 1970s (for further details, see the Mission section).

In 2016, Knowledge and Innovation SRLs was set up, an entity which, by virtue of its legal status, operates independently and autonomously from the association, while being complementary to it. The specific goal pursued by the SRLs is to promote applied research projects, leveraging the scientific expertise and professional skills of its members.