On July 23rd and 24th 2021 in Carbonia (Italy), K&I with ENEA and the support of Cagliari University organised the Focus Group activities of the Sulcis case study which the three organisations are conducting in the framework of the ENTRANCES project. The ENTRANCES focus group is a research tool conceived to combine scientific knowledge on globalisation-induced stress factors and “local knowledge” disclosed by key informants through a participatory mapping process. Nine local key informants participated in the focus group, which was implemented thanks to a facilitating team composed by Giovanni Caiati (K&I), Paolo Deiana (ENEA) and Luca Frigau (Cagliari University). The results and the maps produced by the focus group will be formalised during the next weeks and shared with the participants.
As this was the first test of the methodology, the results obtained will be used to fine tune the approach in view of its application in the other 12 case studies of the project, that are implemented in 10 European countries.