On September 27, 2021, Knowledge and Innovation, together with ENEA and with the support of the University of Cagliari, launched the survey on “Attachment to places and decarbonisation”, which is being carried out in the Sulcis area (southern Sardinia). 


The objective of the survey, carried out as part of the ENTRANCES (Energy Transitions from coal and carbon: Effects on Societies) project, is to understand the effects of the decarbonisation process on individual socio-psychological conditions and on possible changes in the relationship between individuals and the territory, including the choice to emigrate. The results of the survey will be compared with those obtained in 12 other coal and carbon intensive regions in Europe, all facing the challenges of decarbonisation.  The survey will collect 400 responses from the inhabitants of nine municipalities in the Sulcis area (Calasetta, Carbonia, Carloforte, Gonnesa, Perdaxius, Portoscuso, San Giovanni Suergiu, Sant’Antioco, Tratalias). These municipalities have been identified as those most exposed to decarbonisation processes. Knowledge and Innovation will use the results of the survey, together with those of other methodologies (focus groups, text research, data analysis and in-depth interviews) to develop a Case Study on Sulcis.