In July 2022, the activities of WP7 “Monitoring and Evaluating GEPs” started. The Work Package, coordinated by K&I, is aimed at supporting the 7 teams involved in the design and development of the Gender Equality Plans, both in the specific activities of each research organisation and in the transversal activities of the MINDtheGEPs Project. Within this framework, Deliverable D7.1 “Evaluation Plan” was delivered in September 2022, which describes the characteristics and approaches of the evaluation and monitoring model used in the project, the reference dimensions and indicators, and the methodological aspects (sources used, technical tools, procedures, etc.). The document also contains the provisional list of activities of each Gender Equality Plan, the timetable of monitoring and evaluation activities and the monitoring scheme as an appendix.
On the basis of what was defined in the Evaluation Plan, in November and December 2022, the K&I team carried out the first monitoring session with all organisations involved in the implementation of the GEPs, aimed at analysing the status of implementation and preparation of the planned activities. Similarly, in March 2023, the first monitoring session of the transversal activities conducted within the framework of WP4 “Balancing recruitment, retention, and career progression”, WP5 “Empowering women in decision making” and WP6 “Gendering research and teaching” took place.