Under the coordination of K&I, the Second Mutual Learning Workshop took place online on 3 and 4 November, 2020. The event was attended by 22 members of the 10 GRACE partner institutions.The event was preceded by a screening of the issues to be dealt with, involving both the partners concerned with the implementation of the RRI-oriented actions and the expert partners. The workshop was organised in a way favouring as far as possible the exchange among participants, also using an application for online collaboration. The workshop included four sessions. The first one was devoted to an update on the grounding actions’ implementation process, lessons learned and obstacles met. The second and third session focused on two thematic areas, namely team building and stakeholder participation. As for team building, four topics were tackled, i.e. (1) how to transfer competences in a time-limited regime due to the shift online of many activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic; (2) how to transfer of responsibilities from the project team to those who will manage RRI issues after the project lifespan; (3) how to work in the emergency context generated by the pandemic; and (4) how to accelerate the transition from negotiation to new institutional practices. As for stakeholder participation, the discussion was focused on (1) how to mobilise staff and stakeholders within each institution, especially when faced with a low level of motivation; (2) how to communicate RRI and foster awareness-raising processes, using online tools and innovative ways; (3) which methods can be used to mobilise managers and address leadership turnover; and (4) how to activate organisational learning processes on RRI-related issues. In the last session, specific issues related to the RRI keys have been dealt with.