In the framework of PRO-RES (Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Non Medical Research –, on February 4 2020 in Brussels it was been held the “Ethics Matters” Conference. During this initiative, some of main issues of the relationships between ethics, non medical research disciplines and use of for policy and decision making evidence based have been discussed. In this context, PRO-RES project presented a draft version of an Accord addressed to researchers and decision makers containing some principles and important issues relevant for the elaboration of policies based on the scientific evidences and results. The “Accord” aims to promote a discussion in view of an ethical guidance framework for non medical research areas, able to provide tools, resources, case studies, contacts. The Accord is being object of a vast consultation activities involving researchers and stakeholders. The Accord is available here for comments and suggestions. For this purposes, an online consultation has been launched, that it is available here. All the interested are invited to participate.

During the Conference, in breakout sessions ethical aspects tied with the promotion of scientific evidence based policy in domains such as covert research and surveillance; working in dangerous areas or in conflict zones; behavioural research and data collected by social media and internet; artificial intelligence and robotics; environmental research. The Conference has been closed by a round table with researchers, policy makers, journalists and CSO representatives.
Alfonso Alfonsi (K&I Team) attended the Conference and, with professor Paul Spicker, he coordinated the session on covert research and surveillance.
For more information, please visit the PRO-RES project web site: