To feed the training design process of GE Academy sessions, an inventory of key resources relevant to gender equality in science has been created by K&I researchers. The inventory includes 284 recent resources (77% produced in 2014 or later), of which 270 publications and 14 dynamic resources (videos, online training modules, etc.). The inventory is organised according to GE Academy thematic areas of interest, i.e.:
1. Gender, career and decision making
2. Gender and diversity in research
3. Gender dimension in research contents
4. Gender in curricula and teaching
5. Institutional change, gender analysis and assessment
6. Gender bias in recruitment, selection and promotion
7. Organisational culture and work/life balance
8. Setting indicators, monitoring and evaluation
9. Sexual harassment and gender-based violence
10. Advocacy and dealing with resistances
11. Gender-sensitive communication
12. Making change sustainable
13. Other topical issues.
For each area, a variable number of topics have been identified. Overall, 99 topics are considered in the inventory, each comprising a number of resources. After review from the European Commission, the inventory will be made public as a useful tool to support dissemination and implementation of training and other activities in the field of gender equality in science.