A meeting on the “Zürich case” (similar to that previously held in Groningen in November) was held in Zürich on February 5th 2019 in the framework of the SMARTEES project. Lorenzo Cavallasca, Cynthia Müller, Ruth Furrer and Barbara Burger (municipality of Zürich); Wander Jager and Patrycja Antosz (University College of Groningen/RUG); and Gabriele Quinti (K&I) participated in the meeting, overall devoted to the presentation of the SMARTEES project and a co-design of the activities to be implemented in Zürich in the context of the project. The discussion was focused, in particular, on the Zürich mobility strategy (implemented since the mid-1970s) and on some specific sub-projects or measures, such as the closure to traffic of a street in the historic centre of Zurich (Limmatquai) or the regulation for private parking. A close relation on the availability of data to be used for the development of a simulation model has been established between the municipality of Zürich and RUG. The mobility strategy adopted in Zürich belongs to one of the five social innovation clusters considered under the SMARTEES project, i.e., the cluster “Holistic, shared and persistent mobility plan”.