(CREWS) Cooperation in the implementation of the CREWS Caribbean Initiative

This project is implemented in the framework of the CREWS (Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems) Caribbean initiative. In the Caribbean, CREWS strengthens and streamlines regional and national systems and capacity related to weather forecasting, hydrological services, multi-hazard impact-based warnings and service delivery for enhanced decision-making.

K&I contribution (carried out in the context of the framework agreement between WMO, GWP and K&I relating to the Associated Program on Flood Management) consists in strengthening the capacities of local actors for enhancing their involvement in the management of floods in Antigua & Barbuda and in further Caribbean small islands. K&I is in charge of conducting a training workshop and drafting of a “Manual on Community-based Floods Management in the Caribbean”. Moreover K&I is required to cooperate in the design and the implementation of a Regional Training Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in End-to-End Early Warning System for Flood Forecasting and Integrated Flood Risk Management.


The main objective of this workshop was to strengthen the capacities of national actors in Caribbean countries on gender mainstreaming in 'end-to-end' early warning systems for flood forecasting and integrated flood risk management (E2E-EWS-FF and IFRM). The workshop, which took place in Antigua from 20-23 September 2022, was attended by over 30 participants representing the following countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, British Virgin Islands and Anguilla. Participants included officials from meteorological and hydrological offices, disaster management offices, local gender experts, and community volunteers. The entire workshop was designed and conducted by the WMO and K&I ...
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The objective of the seminar was to foster an increase in flood management skills and the different phases of flooding. Within this framework, numerous representatives of different institutions in Antigua had the opportunity to participate in theoretical presentations and practical exercises concerning the management of hydro-meteorological events. The workshop was held in Antigua on July 12, 2022 with the participation of 38 people (from Antigua’s National Office of Disaster Services/NODS, the Department of Environment, the Development Control Authority, the Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs; and community volunteers). The whole workshop was designed and ...
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