Starting in the summer of 2022, the RRIStart project initiated the ‘Responsible Helix Network’, an international multi-stakeholder network aimed at promoting the application of SRSM in STEM start-ups and by impact investors. The network connects not only investors and STEM start-ups, but also incubators and accelerators, practitioners, researchers, think tanks and civil society organisations. The intention is to provide a space that fosters the sharing of ideas, collaboration in joint projects, exchange of best practices, and access to knowledge and information stocks from the RRIStart project results. The network has a group on LinkedIn, coordinated by Saperi&Co (La Sapienza University, Rome), which you can join via this link. Membership does not imply any particular commitment on the part of members (nor any membership fees), but only access to networking opportunities, training, exchange of information and good practices and so on.