Within Task 6.1 “First validation of scenarios with policy-makers and key stakeholders”, the first three scenarios and – to a more limited extent, also the fourth one – have undergone the first step of the validation process. Between June 1st and October 20th 2021, key stakeholders (representatives of research performing and research funding organisations, experts, and policy-makers) have been consulted through structured questionnaires (including both closed- and open-ended questions) and semi-structured follow-up interviews to assess several criteria of the scenarios, such as the overall attractiveness and feasibility of each scenario, the feasibility of the individual features of the scenarios, and the expected benefits and obstacles of the scenarios for the respondent’s organisation/research organisations in the country. The resulting qualitative panel of interviewees comprised 91 persons overall, spread over 34 countries and six European macro-regions.
The results of the validation activities provided a nuanced picture of the trade-off considerations orienting the feasibility assessment and overall choices about scenarios by type of organisations and in the different European regions.