On 11 May 2022, the RECIPES project held its dissemination conference ‘Precaution for Responsible Innovation: New Options to Move Forward’.
During the conference, ideas on how to improve the use of the precautionary principle, developed in consultation with stakeholders involved in the RECIPES project, were presented and discussed. In particular, the main product of the project was presented: the Guide for the Application of the Precautionary Principle in the European Union. The conference brought together around 90 participants from different stakeholder groups, including many of those who had participated in the workshops held during the project’s implementation. The conference was held in a hybrid format, so participants were able to participate both on-site and online.
Many of the speakers and participants emphasised that the relevance of the precautionary principle has increased over the years in view of the occurrence of major global crises, such as climate change. It was therefore appreciated that the Guide reaffirms the importance of the precautionary principle and restores its innovative potential, particularly for its dual role as a legal safeguard and a compass for innovation policies.