Between mid-January and mid-February 2021, within the framework of Task 5.2, ten co-creation online workshops with stakeholders were organised in order to develop four “system scenarios” (3 + one scenario without direct action). Workshops’ participants worked together in plenary or in small groups on the Miro collaborative online board using virtual posters to add sticky notes, pictures or comments. There was a total of 133 participants in the workshops including different groups of stakeholders, experts, members of the consortium, and facilitators. The participants came from 26 European countries plus Australia. Out of the 133 participants, 88 were external to the consortium and 22 were men.
The exercises carried out during the workshops led to the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario from a user’s perspective and refined the construction of feasible and realistic conceptual scenarios.
As part of this task, Marina Cacace and Giovanna Declich of K&I participated as organisers of two workshops, held on 13-14 January and 2-3 February 2021.