At the end of November 2021, the MIRROR Social Frame was completed by K&I and delivered to the European Commission. The report, drafted by Luciano d’Andrea, Daniele Mezzana, and Federico Marta, explores the perceptions and misperceptions of people and stakeholders regarding the key social issues pertaining to migration addressed by the MIRROR system. The report is intended to help the future end-users of the System to correctly use and interpret the data and information it generates. The report is the result of a multi-stage process. First, an extensive review of the scientific literature on migration was conducted. On this basis, the basic theoretical frameworks of the MIRROR Social Frame were defined. This led, in June 2021, to a draft version of the report. Between July and September 2021, a revision of the text was then conducted by various members of the MIRROR consortium, resulting in the first version of the report. In October, the text was reviewed by an external panel of researchers and experts, leading to the final version of the document in November 2021. The report is organised in four sections. The first deals with perceptions surrounding migration and migrants, the second those influencing the decision to migrate and the third one examines perceptions influencing communication to potential migrants. The concluding section provides a set of recommendations for future end-users of the MIRROR platform.