On May 20 and 21 2021, the Third Mutual Learning Workshop involving all the partners of the GRACE project took place online under the coordination of K&I. The workshop was focused on the sustainability of the RRI-oriented actions after the end of the project and on the design of the Roadmaps towards RRI, to be defined before the end of the project (December 2021) and implemented in the following 5-year period. The workshop included four sessions. The first three sessions, each one organised in two breakout groups, were devoted to examine the issues related to sustainability each partner implementing the RRI actions is facing and to help it find appropriate solutions. Each group has been introduced by a presentation from the team leader of the concerned partner which was subsequently commented by another partner, before to open the discussion to all the participants in the breakout group. The last session was aimed at a common reflection on how to prepare the GRACE post-project period. A summary report will be developed by K&I to capitalise on the workshop results.