On January 29, 2021, the Roundtable on “Engaging men in gender equality work” was held online, organised by K&I. The event was aimed at reflecting on benefits, opportunities, obstacles and strategies related to the involvement of men in gender equality work and, especially, in the design and implementation of gender equality plans in research funding and performing organisations. The panellists –all researchers with experience in the promotion of gender equality in academia – were Maroun El Moujabber (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari), Tauseef Nauman (Charité Universitatmedizine Berlin), Marcel Kraus (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Prague), Jean-Michel Monnot (All Inclusive!, Gaillon, France), Henri van Luenen (The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam), and Franz Wong (Stanford University, California). Francisco Pais Rodrigues (free-lance trainer) facilitated the discussion. The event also offered the opportunity to test a new format – that of online roundtables – which could be particularly appropriate for transferring knowledge in areas lacking a consolidated set of practices to refer to and where, therefore, it is necessary to explore new approaches and techniques. More than 110 people attended the Roundtable.
The event is available on the project YouTube Channel.