During November 2020, a “Calls for needs” (first step of the RRI/demand-driven pilots) have been launched in the three territories of Orebro (Sweden), Murcia (Spain), and Cyprus. These Call for needs are aimed at collecting unmet needs in healthcare, against which develop sustainable and responsible innovation solutions. The launch of the Calls for needs within the three regions has been accompanied by the implementation of training workshops, bilateral meetings with different stakeholders, and by specific dissemination and social media campaigns, aimed at involving, in the process of identification of such needs, a large number of stakeholders and key actors from the territory, and also citizens. The Calls for need will remain open for at least 4 weeks. The collected needs will be evaluated by a Selection Committee, composed of experts representing different sectoral and territorial perspectives. The selection process that will lead to the choice of one “need” in each region will end within the first part of December 2020. Based on the selected “need”, each experimental team will prepare and launch, between January and February 2021, a “Call for solution” within its region.
More information on the “Call for needs” in the three territories are available here.