The implementation of the 15 Grounding Actions (GAs), foreseen by the RESBIOS project, began in November 2020. The GAs are implemented by 4 Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) that are engaged for the first time in RRI-oriented actions and, for this reason, referred to as “beginners”.
An intense activity during the first 8 months of the project preceded the implementation phase. It was carried out by the “beginners” with the support of K&I and it was aimed at developing the detailed design of the GAs. Many exchanges took place during this phase (both within the project and through a dialogue with the various stakeholders who, at the local level, will collaborate with the “beginners”). “Mutual learning” and mentorship activities were also launched at the end of November. They involve all the partners and are focused on the implementation of RRI in research organizations in the Biosciences. Some of the project partners who already have experience in promoting RRI will act as mentors.
Each of the 15 GAs concerns a specific RRI key. In particular, 2 are focused on Citizen Engagement, 6 on Education, 3 on Ethical issues, 2 on Gender and 2 on Open Access.
For more information, visit the RESBIOS website and, in particular, the News section.