TeRRItoria project, through its partner EURADA, is carrying out, starting from November 2020, the #ResponsibleRegions Dialogues, monthly virtual initiative with stakeholders and experts  on the possible contribution of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to the definition and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3). The main aim of the Dialogues are to promote common occasions for reflecting, sharing and mutual learning about on content and innovative experiences in this field among researchers, innovators, policy makers, local actors, civil society organisations, regional development agencies, for promoting regional development policies more inclusive and in line with needs and expectations of local communities.
The first dialogue, titled “The new Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) of the Regional Development Agency of the region of Upper Austria” was held on November 19, 2020. The main speaker was Klaus Oberreiter, responsible for policy & location strategy of Business Upper Austria, who described the participative approach in designing S3, with the involvement of relevant stakeholders adopted by Upper Austria since its first “Strategic Programme” since 1998. Click here for the video and presentation of the first dialogue.