In spite of difficulties and problems tied with the Covid 19 pandemic, the five experiments on the implementation of territorial RRI of TeRRItoria project have already started their planned activities or identified and implemented alternative solutions and innovative approaches for citizen and stakeholder consultation and dialogue. The five experimentations are focused on: setting-up an Equal opportunity Plan for research and innovation activities for the Macedonia Region (Greece); the definition and implementation of permanent dialogue spaces among entreprises and innovation actors of Trøndelag Region with the NTNU University (Norway); the construction and activation in the North-Est of Region of Romania of a brokerage platform on innovation and agenda setting activity in the food sector; the definition and test of measures for strengthening the public engagement Plan of the Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) for the definition of the local S3. Finally, the Emilia-Romagna experimentation, carried out by ART-ER with the technical assistance of K&I, is aimed at the definition of a methodology for RRI integration in the process of design and implementation of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) for the period 2021-2027. In particular, this experimentation is working toward the following specific aims: to incentive public engagement in public-private research projects; to establish an inclusive and quadruple Helix S3 governance model; to define programmes and measures dealing with place-based and challenge-based innovation; to monitor and assess social impacts of Research and Innovation (within the S3 monitoring system); and to define a new social innovation policy approach to R&I.