In order to better design the five transformative experiments of TeRRItoria on the implementation of territorial RRI, two inventories have been set up in parallel.
The first one is the Inventory of the bottom-up governance innovation practices of territory, prepared by the K&I team. This Inventory focuses on those governance innovations, promoted by different kinds of coalitions, that activate a process of “re-territorialisation”, i.e. they work for reversing de-territorialisation trends and thus for fostering local development and social cohesion. The inventory was set up on the basis of the documentation available on-line and through a consultation of the actors who promoted some of the identified practices. Therefore, 30 bottom-up innovation governance practices have been selected and analysed. These practices have been classified in the following five categories: Re-rooting economic and social activities; Recovering and fostering local knowledge; New regulatory frameworks; Risk management (environmental, economic and social risks); Agenda-setting. The inventory is available here.
The second inventory is devoted to the RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) Governance Innovation Practices set up by SEERC (Greece) on the basis of the analysis of 80 European RRI projects on Public engagement, ethics, gender, science education, etc. Overall, 43 RRI governance innovation practices have been selected. The outcomes of this inventory are described in the document available here.