In the framework of the TeRRItoria project, the “Map of approaches, policies and tools for Territorial RRI” has been drafted by K&I (Italy), to be used for designing and implementing the five TeRRItoria Transformative Experiments. The Map is based on the analysis of two inventories drafted in the framework of the project, respectively focusing on bottom-up governance innovation practices and RRI governance innovation practices.
The map is not intended to offer a comprehensive view of all possible measures useful for implementing territorial RRI programmes; rather, it aims to provide a set of guidelines, benchmarks and tools that can support TeRRItoria partners involved in transformative experiments to explore and fully exploit this approach.
The document starts from the analysis of some key phenomena for carrying out the experiments, namely: the transformations affecting society; the processes of “de-territorialisation”; the territory-making practices fighting de-territorialisation; the territorial dynamics in the European context; and the possible role of a territorial RRI. Subsequently, the document offers to the reader a picture of the main features of the territory-making process, as well as the main areas in which the policies supporting this process can operate. Finally, the document defines the guidelines for thinking and implementing Territorial RRI initiatives. It is possible to consult the Map here.