On September 18-20 2019, representatives of the TeRRItoria Project participated in the SeeRRI (Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe though Responsible Research and Innovation – https://seerri.eu/) workshop, held in Bologna and organized by the Alma Mater Studiorum University. The Workshop convened all the EC-funded projects on RRI, territory management and environmental issues together. Daniele Mezzana, K&I team leader, made a short presentation about aims and activities of TEeRRItoria, with special reference to the ongoing mapping activities. The Workshop was also attended by Maresa Berliri, K&I, Kristian Mancinone, ART-ER, and Maria Michali, SEERC. During the event, MARIE and ROSIE Interreg projects, and TERRIFICA were also presented.