A meeting on the “Groningen case” in SMARTEES has been held in Groningen last November 7th. Terry Albronda and Age Stinissen (Gemeente – municipality of – Groningen); Wander Jager and Patrycja Antosz (University College of Groningen); and Gabriele Quinti (K&I) participated in that meeting devoted to the presentation of the SMARTEES project and a co-design of the activities to be implemented in Groningen. The “Groningen case” belongs to the SMARTEES cluster “Holistic, shared and persistent mobility plan” and is based on the social innovation related to the trafic circulation policy in Groningen, since the conception and the launch of the Trafic Circulation Plan in the ‘70s. Today Groningen is a “bike city”: the average number of bikes per household is 3.1 (“Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world”).