On October 25 th 2018, Giovanni Caiati, member of the K&I research team in SMARTEES, participated in the Follower Cases on Site Visit to Zurich (CH). The aim of the visit was to present to four followers cities the Social Innovation experience developed in Zurich through the “Holistic, shared and persistent Mobility Plan”. The visit was organised by ICLEI, which is the leader of networking and communication activities in SMARTEES project. Representatives of the Cities of Trondheim (Norway), Izmir (Turkey), Burgas (Bulgaria), and Budapest (Hungary) participated in the visit as follower cities, i.e. cities interested to develop similar social innovation initiatives. The City of Zurich hosted the visit. During the visit two meetings were held, one for presenting the social innovation in Zurich, and one for discussing possible development of social innovation in the followers cities. Furthermore, different on-street level sites were visited, allowing to show how the Zurich Mobility Plan is able to combine social and technical aspects of innovation.
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