INNOVativing the uptake of Energy Auditing Schemes for SMEs (INNOVEAS)

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
Grant Agreement: 847095
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1/06/2019
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INNOVEAS is a H2020 project funded by the DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission and promoted by 10 partners of 6 European countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain). Its aim is to build and deliver a capacity building programme, aiming at addressing the major non-technical barriers that most often hamper the adoption the energy auditing practice among SMEs where such audits are not required by law and where usually energy usage is not at the top of the agenda. Beneficiaries of this project will be, beyond SMEs, industrial associations (on how to raise further awareness among SMEs, to provide guidance and support associated SMEs in energy audits); energy auditors (on how to deal with SMEs); financial institutes (for the creation of convenient financing solutions to support energy auditing SMEs); and policy makers (on the measures to be designed in order to boost energy audits among SMEs). This capacity building program will be based on the findings of a smart study, led by K&I, on the current attitudes towards energy efficiency and on the non-technical barriers hindering the diffusion of energy audits in SMEs.


The INNOVEAS project is coming to its end. The main results were presented by Luisa Sileni and Riccardo Cariani of the IIPLE (coordinator of the project) and by Gabriele Quinti of K&I in a Poster Session at the World Sustainable Energy Days (5-8 April 2022) in Wels (Austria). Innoveas' contribution to the poster session, prepared by Andrea Declich and Gabriele Quinti (K&I), was selected following a specific call for proposal. Throughout the project, 800 SMEs across Europe were involved. Of these, 306, from 5 European countries (Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain) took part in 49 training courses aimed at ...
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A paper titled “SME’s, energy efficiency, innovation: a reflection on materials and energy transition emerging from a research on SMEs and the practice of energy audit”, published
in the journal “Materiaux et techniques”, has received in May 2021 the Jean Sébastien Thomas Award, which each year is rewarded to the best article submitted at Society And Materials International Conference. This paper, written by Andrea Declich, Gabriele Quinti, and Paolo Signore, is based on the results emerging from a study carried out by K&I, in the frame of the INNOVEAS project, on the non-economic factors that facilitate or prevent the adoption of Energy ...
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The mid-term Conference of the INNOVEAS project entitled “Accelerating Small Business Participation in the Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy – Defining a Manifesto for Massive Change” was held online last November 24th, 2020.The purpose of this conference was to review the arguments that motivate the need to move beyond business-as-usual and outline a strategy that will enable SME adoption on a massive scale of the behaviours needed for a successful energy transition.During this conference, Gabriele Quinti (K&I) gave a presentation on the main findings of the research activities implemented in INNOVEAS focussed, mainly on barriers and drivers met by SMEs in ...
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The second INNOVEAS Consortium Meeting was held in Ljubljana on 26 and 27 November 2019 attended by all the project partners. The meeting was chaired by the INNOVEAS Project coordinator Luisa Sileni (IIPLE), was focused on WP2 “State of the art, needs and barriers assessment”, led by K&I. Based on the results of the literature review, the characteristics of the interviews to be carried out by all the partners were designed. These interviews will be done with qualified informants (e.g., representatives of business associations, energy auditors and business consultants, financial operators and project managers interested in SMEs about the energy ...
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The INNOVEAS Kick-Off Meeting (KoM) was held in Bologna on 2 and 3 July 2019, with the participation of all the partners. The meeting, chaired by the INNOVEAS Project coordinator Luisa Sileni (IIPLE), was mainly focused on the presentation of the project features, the work plan and the Work Packages. During the meeting, K&I presented the first results of the literature review on the barriers that SMEs encounter in planning and carrying out actions aimed at improving energy efficiency (including the implementation of Energy Audits). The other partners described how the Energy Audits will take place (focusing on SMEs) in ...
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