Paolo Signore

Graduated in sociology, since 1988 he has participated in the activities of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Rocca di Papa and the School of Sociology and Human Sciences, for which he has also acted as director, as well as carried out specialization programs in management of complex subjects, contemporary history and political sociology.

From 1981 to 1996 he militated in the activities of protection of citizens’ rights and social representation of the Federal Democratic Movement, of which he was national administrative secretary. In this period he acquired his first experiences in administrative, organizational and management of non-profit organizations, specializing in fundraising activities.

From 1992, until a few years ago, he carried out fund raising campaigns and other activities of project promotion and fundraising for various non-profit organizations, directing or participating in the collection of about 20 million euros.

Since 1997 he has collaborated with some research organizations performing in particular tasks of: management, coordination and general direction; organization and administration; networking, external relations and cultural promotion and policy activities; reporting and client relations; personnel management; conflict and crisis management; relations with the banking system; relations with consultants; relations with partners and other operational interlocutors; communication, information and training activities; consulting and support to projects with clients such as the World Bank, the United Nations system, Italian national and regional government agencies, private companies and others; applied research activities in the context of European projects.

Since 2008 he has been the Secretary General of the Accademia Aldo Moro, for which he has been responsible, among others, for the organization of the activities of the 30th anniversary of Aldo Moro’s death, in 2008, and of the centenary of his birth.

He has done volunteer work for family service initiatives, sharing of responsibilities between mothers and fathers and education of children and adults. Passionate about cinema, music, ancient and contemporary history, he also has his own artistic activity (paintings and drawings).

In recent years, he has been involved in the implementation of several FP7 and H2020 projects where, as a member of K&I teams, he mainly follows research activities and those related to communication and dissemination of results.