Giovanni Caiati

caiati Statistician and social researcher, Giovanni Caiati has a ten-year experience in sociological research. In this period he developed competences of theoretical nature (in fields such as the anticipation theory, social theories of innovation, and science-society relationships), methodological skills (e.g., measurement of social phenomena, data analysis, traditional and online data collection) and technical capacities (for what concerns, e.g., statistical software, data management, web-based collaboration platforms, and digital publishing tools).

His research interests and work mainly focused on three areas:
•  the relationship between science, technology and society on issues such as public engagement, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and technological responsibility;
•  gender equality, especially with regard to discriminatory processes in the political realm and in science;
•  the social dynamics connected with environmental sustainability, with special reference to the transition toward a low carbon society, the barriers to the development of an environmentally sustainable sanitation, and the management of environmental risks.

Caiati participated on behalf of various entities in about ten European research projects carried out under the EC DG Research 6th and 7th framework programmes and now in Horizon 2020. In particular, since 2008, in four EC-funded projects he served as team leader for Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences. During these activities, Caiati worked in multidisciplinary consortia, thus experiencing scientific production processes conducted in close cooperation with economists, psychologists, political scientists, biologists, architects and engineers.

Outside of professional life, he has been active for many years in the field of education. He is interested in social media and graphics and plays in various folk music groups.

Selected publications:

•  Quinti G., Caiati G., Gruenig M., O’Donnel B., Amerighi O., Baldissara B. and Felici B., (2016), “European Distributed Renewable Energy Case Studies”, in Lombardi P., Gruning M., Low-carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective, Elsevier AP.

•  Caiati, G., d’Andrea, L., Zeiss, R. (2016), “BESSE: Knowledge brokerage and innovation for a sustainable sanitation” in Martinuzzi A., Sedlacko M., Knowledge Brokerage for Sustainable Development, Greenleaf Publishing (Forthcoming).

•  Tacconelli, E., Poljak, M, Cacace, M, et al. (2012), Science without meritocracy. Discrimination among European specialists in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology: a questionnaire survey. BMJ Open.

•  Bijker, W.E., Caiati, G., d’Andrea, L. (2012), Knowledge Brokerage for Environmentally Sustainable Sanitation. Position Paper and Guidelines from the EU-FP7 BESSE project, Maastricht University.

•  Caiati, G., d’Andrea, L., Montefalcone, M. (2010), Societal Dynamic of Energy Transition, Pathways for carbon transitions (PACT) Project, LSC.

•  Caiati, G., Cancedda, A., Colonnello, C. (2008), Linee guida per la promozione delle pari opportunità in ambito politico e sindacale, in the framework of the “Donne e Politica” project .