Federico Marta

martaFederico Marta has taken part in the training activities promoted by the Istituto di Studi Avanzati di Rocca di Papa and the School of Sociology and Human Sciences since 1988. In recent years, he has contributed to an introductory course on interdisciplinary relations between sociology and neuroscience.

As a social psychologist and educator, he has carried out research and provided technical assistance (in Europe and numerous African countries) in areas such as immigration and the dynamics of migrants returning to their country of origin; governance, social capital and the contribution of civil society to urban development processes, the dynamics of social exclusion and poverty, in both urban and rural areas. In the 1990s, he was responsible for methodological aspects and carried out extensive field research in Italy and abroad. More recently, he has worked in various research and action projects, his duties including management, supervision and coordination of activities.

These activities were carried out under projects funded by the World Bank, European Union, the European Development Fund, UN agencies (DESA, IOM, IFAD, WMO, UNV), as well as Italian government bodies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lazio Regional Government, Puglia Regional government), and private institutions and associations (ANISAP, Bayer, ESCMID Higher Education Institute, STESAM, Pfizer).

His publications include:

•  Marta, F.L., Quinti, G.M., Taurelli, S.A. (2010), Etude diagnostique sur la gouvernance en Côte d’Ivoire.

•  Marta, F.L. (2009), Migration et retour, ressources pour le développement: Lignes directrices, “Note sur le phénomène des transferts économiques”.

•  Marta, F.L., Costantini, G., Montefalcone, M. (2008), Migrations et retour, ressources pour le développement: rapport de recherche.

•  Quaranta, G., Quinti, G., Cacace, M., Marta, F.L. (2005), Esclusione sociale e povertà. Contributo per la conoscenza e la misurazione dei rischi sociali e ambientali nel contesto internazionale.

His extra-professional interests include: mountain, skiing and classical music (having a collection of over 5,000 CDs and vinyl records). He has been a “Friend of UNICEF” since 2013.