Claudia Colonnello

colonnello Claudia Colonnello is a social researcher with a long experience in the interdisciplinary study of contemporary social phenomena from a gender perspective, and the sociological analysis of the relations between security and privacy in the context of surveillance. She is an expert in the planning, implementation and evaluation of training and adult education activities.

She has been responsible for the executive management of the Istituto di Rocca di Papa and the School of Sociology and Human Sciences. Over the years, she has led and coordinated advanced research workshops, collaborating closely in basic research activities, which she continues to do today in “Knowledge and Innovation. School of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Research”. Lately she has been focusing especially on the relations between big data, complexity science and e-science.

She has directed numerous integrated research, training, technical assistance, public communication and networking projects in both Italy and Europe, as well as in Africa, Latin America and Australia, focusing especially on: gender, science and technology; societal impact assessment and “closure” of new surveillance technologies for security purposes; structural change, responsible research and innovation; socialization of scientific and technological research and scientific citizenship; the cognitive revolution, new technologies and mass subjectivity; skilled migration, social integration and constructive return processes; women and decision making; gender and development; utilisation of human resources with high cognitive capital at risk of exclusion, creating innovative enterprises and work placements; knowledge management to strengthen and expand the non-profit sector in Italy. Other areas of interest include innovative family services to support women’s careers and better reconciliation of work and family/personal life of women and men.

She also has experience in public communication, team management and mobilization of human resources for non-profit organizations (services for the reconciliation of work and family, the protection of citizens’ rights in the areas of health, social representation, justice and fund raising). Her professional experience includes a long collaboration with non profit organizations as Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences, ASDO, CERFE, Centro di Cooperazione Familiare, and has carried out projects on behalf of the European Union, the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italian Regional Governments, Italian, European and international universities and research centres, national and international agencies engaged in the management of migratory policies (Caritas, IOM, Hassan II Foundation of Morocco), Italian organisations involved in business creation (CNA, Confesercenti, Sviluppoitalia, Confindustria, BIC Lazio, Sviluppoitalia) and with institutes engaged in the design and use of security technology (technological and commercial companies, law enforcement).

She is a member of the SERIT working group on “Ethical, Legal and Social Security Aspects” (directed by CNR and Finmeccanica).

Her extra-professional interests include: international folk music and ethnomusicology; the study of relations between faith, religion and postmodernity in contemporary societies.

Her publications include:

•  Colonnello C., Marta F. (2014), “Map of the present and incipient social dangers related to the development and spreading of surveillance socio-technical systems”, LSC, RESPECT Project.

•  Colonnello C., Cacace M., Olmi A. (2011), “Guidelines for Communication activities on women and science to be implemented by science centres and museums”, ASDO, TWIST project (

•  Colonnello C., Cancedda A., Caiati G. (2008), “Linee Guida per la promozione delle pari opportunità in ambito politico e sindacale” (Guidelines for equal opportunities in politics and trade unions), ASDO. Project Women and Politics.

•  Colonnello C., Costantini, G., (2005),“Capitale cognitivo contro handicap. Le lezioni apprese” Final Document of the integrate Project of training and internship for highly qualified people with disabilities, CCF.

•  Colonnello C., “Promozione imprenditoriale e integrazione sociale degli immigrati qualificati” (Entreprise promotion and social integration of highly skilled immigrants), in Indagine CCIA, Caritas diocesana, Roma.

•  Colonnello C. (ed.), L’integrazione possibile. Migrazioni, intelligenza e impresa nell’era della globalizzazione. Atti del convegno internazionale, Roma, 25-27 febbraio 1999, Unione Europea-Fondo Sociale Europeo, Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale, CERFE, CCF.