Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Through the involvement of local R&I Actors (TeRRItoria)

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
Grant Agreement: 824565
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1/02/2019
The project official website
This project, led by Fondation Européenne de la Science (ESF), aims to experiment with the adoption of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach in European regional and territorial R&I systems. TeRRItoria is based on the idea that RRI approaches, policies and practices, developed so far at the level of research institutions, may be adapted to that of regional and territorial governance. The project will connect RRI to the general strategy of Smart Specialisation of regions, under the assumption that increasing social responsibility in R&I systems may also foster the competitiveness of European territories.
Thus the project will contribute to developing what can be called “Territorial RRI” by developing a set of transformative experiments in 5 European selected territories. The project is carried out by a Consortium of 13 organisations from 8countries.
K&I is specially engaged in the project activities aimed at mapping governance innovation practices all over Europe and possibly beyond, providing new tools for increasing regional R&I systems capacity to be inclusive, anticipatory, reflexive and responsive.


Co-creation of regional policies – meeting on 21 January 2021
The third appointment of #ResponsibleRegions Dialogues, carried out by EURADA in the framework of TeRRItoria project, will be held on January 21, 2021 and it will be focused on “The Nordland case in SeeRRI: an approach to co-creating regional planning strategy”. The issue will be illustrated by Nhien Nguyen – Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Senior Researcher at Nordland Research Institute. The dialogue will provide an occasion for reflection on co-creation of innovation policies issues on the basis of the experiences of SeeRRI project on environmental sustainability. Click here for registering.

RRI integration in regional innovation policies
“How to include RRI in Regional Innovation Policies” was the issue of the second online appointment hold in the framework of #ResponsibleRegion Dialogues of TeRRItoria project on December 17, 2020. The main speaker was  Giulia Bubbolini, head of EU and Public-Funded Projects at CISE – Centre for Innovation and Economic Development, Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, Italy – who illustrated her experience in improving regional public policies by implementing RRI among SMEs, through the Interreg projects ROSIE and MARIE. The presentation was commented by  Dimitri Corpakis, Friends of Smart Specialisation, and Ninetta Chaniotou, Senior Project Manager at Kainuu Regional council. Click here for the video and presentation of the second dialogue.

#ResponsibleRegions Dialogue – Smart Specialization Strategy, Innovation and participation
TeRRItoria project, through its partner EURADA, is carrying out, starting from November 2020, the #ResponsibleRegions Dialogues, monthly virtual initiative with stakeholders and experts  on the possible contribution of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to the definition and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3). The main aim of the Dialogues are to promote common occasions for reflecting, sharing and mutual learning about on content and innovative experiences in this field among researchers, innovators, policy makers, local actors, civil society organisations, regional development agencies, for promoting regional development policies more inclusive and in line with needs and expectations of local communities.
The first dialogue, titled “The new Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) of the Regional Development Agency of the region of Upper Austria” was held on November 19, 2020. The main speaker was Klaus Oberreiter, responsible for policy & location strategy of Business Upper Austria, who described the participative approach in designing S3, with the involvement of relevant stakeholders adopted by Upper Austria since its first “Strategic Programme” since 1998. Click here for the video and presentation of the first dialogue

News from the Territoria experiments
In spite of difficulties and problems tied with the Covid 19 pandemic, the five experiments on the implementation of territorial RRI of TeRRItoria project have already started their planned activities or identified and implemented alternative solutions and innovative approaches for citizen and stakeholder consultation and dialogue. The five experimentations are focused on: setting-up an Equal opportunity Plan for research and innovation activities for the Macedonia Region (Greece); the definition and implementation of permanent dialogue spaces among entreprises and innovation actors of Trøndelag Region with the NTNU University (Norway); the construction and activation in the North-Est of Region of Romania of a brokerage platform on innovation and agenda setting activity in the food sector; the definition and test of measures for strengthening the public engagement Plan of the Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) for the definition of the local S3. Finally, the Emilia-Romagna experimentation, carried out by ART-ER with the technical assistance of K&I, is aimed at the definition of a methodology for RRI integration in the process of design and implementation of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) for the period 2021-2027. In particular, this experimentation is working toward the following specific aims: to incentive public engagement in public-private research projects; to establish an inclusive and quadruple Helix S3 governance model; to define programmes and measures dealing with place-based and challenge-based innovation; to monitor and assess social impacts of Research and Innovation (within the S3 monitoring system); and to define a new social innovation policy approach to R&I.
Territoria Mid-Term Project Meeting
The Mid-Term Project Meeting of Territoria project was held on June 23, 2020, using an online platform. During the morning session, focused on the implemented activities of each Work Pakage, Daniele Mezzana (K&I Team leader) presented the activities carried out in the framework of WP3 “Mapping governance innovation practices in Europe and beyond”. The afternoon session was focused on the impacts on the project of the lockdown and in particular on the implementation of the co-design activities of the five experiments of territorial RRI, by the involvement of stakeholders.
Online the 2nd issue of the Territoria newsletter
It is available online the second issue of the Territoria project Newsletter. This second issue is devoted to two questions:
– The way by which the team involved in the experiments had reorganised their co-creation activities of the five experiments of territorial RRI due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic
– The presentation of tools (inventories and maps) for supporting the design activities of the experimentations, made in the framework of WP3, contained in three deliverables, shortly described in the newsletter. The three tools are: Inventory of bottom-up innovation governance practices (made by K&I); Inventory of RRI innovation governance practices (made by SSERC); and the Map of approaches, policies, and tools for territorial RRI (made by K&I).
It is online the 1st issue of the TeRRItoria newsletter
From December 2019 the first issue of the TeRRItoria newsletter is online. It contains information about the various activities carried out during its first 8-month implementation period: the project kick-off meeting; the ignition of the mapping process aimed at preparing the five transformative experiments on the implementation of the territorial RRI for the governance of territory process; the Workshop on Territorial RRI in Bologna of 27-29 November 2019. The newsletter is available here.
Inventories of Bottom-up Governance Innovation Practices
In order to better design the five transformative experiments of TeRRItoria on the implementation of territorial RRI, two inventories have been set up in parallel.
The first one is the Inventory of the bottom-up governance innovation practices of territory, prepared by the K&I team. This Inventory focuses on those governance innovations, promoted by different kinds of coalitions, that activate a process of “re-territorialisation”, i.e. they work for reversing de-territorialisation trends and thus for fostering local development and social cohesion. The inventory was set up on the basis of the documentation available on-line and through a consultation of the actors who promoted some of the identified practices. Therefore, 30 bottom-up innovation governance practices have been selected and analysed. These practices have been classified in the following five categories: Re-rooting economic and social activities; Recovering and fostering local knowledge; New regulatory frameworks; Risk management (environmental, economic and social risks); Agenda-setting. The inventory is available here.
The second inventory is devoted to the RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) Governance Innovation Practices set up by SEERC (Greece) on the basis of the analysis of 80 European RRI projects on Public engagement, ethics, gender, science education, etc. Overall, 43 RRI governance innovation practices have been selected. The outcomes of this inventory are described in the document available here.
Map of approaches, policies and tools for TeRRItorial RRI
In the framework of the TeRRItoria project, the “Map of approaches, policies and tools for Territorial RRI” has been drafted by K&I (Italy), to be used for designing and implementing the five TeRRItoria Transformative Experiments. The Map is based on the analysis of two inventories drafted in the framework of the project, respectively focusing on bottom-up governance innovation practices and RRI governance innovation practices.
The map is not intended to offer a comprehensive view of all possible measures useful for implementing territorial RRI programmes; rather, it aims to provide a set of guidelines, benchmarks and tools that can support TeRRItoria partners involved in transformative experiments to explore and fully exploit this approach.
The document starts from the analysis of some key phenomena for carrying out the experiments, namely: the transformations affecting society; the processes of “de-territorialisation”; the territory-making practices fighting de-territorialisation; the territorial dynamics in the European context; and the possible role of a territorial RRI. Subsequently, the document offers to the reader a picture of the main features of the territory-making process, as well as the main areas in which the policies supporting this process can operate. Finally, the document defines the guidelines for thinking and implementing Territorial RRI initiatives. It is possible to consult the Map here.
TeRRItoria project at the SeeRRI workshop
On September 18-20 2019, representatives of the TeRRItoria Project participated in the SeeRRI (Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe though Responsible Research and Innovation – https://seerri.eu/) workshop, held in Bologna and organized by the Alma Mater Studiorum University. The Workshop convened all the EC-funded projects on RRI, territory management and environmental issues together. Daniele Mezzana, K&I team leader, made a short presentation about aims and activities of TEeRRItoria, with special reference to the ongoing mapping activities. The Workshop was also attended by Maresa Berliri, K&I, Kristian Mancinone, ART-ER, and Maria Michali, SEERC. During the event, MARIE and ROSIE Interreg projects, and TERRIFICA were also presented.
Mapping of the TeRRItoria Milieus of the experiments
In the framework of the TeRRItoria project, a mapping process of the five ”territorial milieus” has been implemented between June and November 2019 in the areas where the five transformative experiments will be carried out from August 2020 onward. The experiments will take place in the Region of Central Macedonia (Greece); Region of Emilia- Romagna (Italy); Region of Trøndelag (Norway); Region of North-East (Romania); and Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria). For each concerned area, information and documents have been collected on actors, policies, obstacles, facilitating factors and innovative practices which are relevant for conducting the experiments. K&I, in cooperation with ART-ER, implemented the mapping in the Emilia-Romagna Region in view of the experimentation to be conducted there which will concern the areas of education/training and public engagement, especially in the health industry and creative and cultural industry, addressing those actors not usually involved in the definition of the Smart Specialization Strategy, such as associations, Third sector, and local authorities. The outcomes of this mapping exercise are collected in a document prepared by ARC FUND (Bulgaria).
TeRRItoria workshop and partners meeting in Bologna
On the 27th and 28th of November 2019 a Workshop on “Territorial RRI” took place in Bologna, at the ART-ER headquarters, within the framework of the TeRRItoria project. On the basis of the results of the mapping activity (D.3.3 Map of Policies, Approaches and tools for Territorial RRI), conducted during the first 10 months of the project the Workshop was meant to launch a discussion on the definition of territorial RRI and its possible applications for the co-DESIGN of the five local experiments foreseen by the project. The workshop was structured in two parts: the first day was dedicated to reflecting on and discussing the concept of Territorial RRI as it was formulated in the mapping exercise, and how it can be used in practice. The second day of the workshop, on the basis of the results of the first day and of the previous mapping exercise, was focused on a brainstorming on the five local experiments, aimed at fin- tuning and better defining them. The workshop results are presented in a Working paper, delivered at the end of December (Deliverable D4.1).
In the afternoon of November 28 and the morning of November 29 the TeRRItoria Project Partners Meeting was held to take stock of the activities carried out in the first ten months.
TeRRItoria kick-off meeting
On February 27 and 28 the TeRRItoria Kick-off meeting was held in Strasbourg, at the headquarters of the European Science Foundation, project coordinator. Fabio Feudo and Daniele Mezzana intervened for K&I. The first day an overview of the project and its general theoretical and methodological contents were presented. Furthermore, the programs of the various work packages were illustrated, relating to the initial mapping (of experiences of governance innovation practices and of the “research & innovation ecosystems” in which the project will take place), to the co-design activity of the five “Transformative experiments” in the field of territorial RRI, and their realization in Central Macedonia (Greece), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Trondelag Region (Norway), North East Romania and Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria). On the second day, after the speech by Linden Farrer (EU – DG RTD), the evaluation, mutual learning and policy advice, and dissemination and communication activities were illustrated.