Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship Strategies (CHERRIES)

Cherries Project

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
Grant Agreement: 872873
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1/01/2020
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The CHERRIES project is aimed at supporting healthcare research and innovation policy and pilot actions by interlinking RRI, demand-side policy and territorial innovation models incl. smart specialisation. This pilot innovation process will be implemented and tested in the territories of Murcia (ES), Örebro (SW) and the Republic of Cyprus (CY).

A focus is set on demand-side innovation policy by training local stakeholders in the regions healthcare sectors to identify needs within their organizations. One need per region will be chosen and a responding call for solutions will be drafted to which entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply with tailor made solutions. After the selection of one solution per region the development of a pilot will be funded by CHERRIES and the entrepreneurs will co-create a solution with the need-owner. The sustainability and market creation of these innovations will be addressed. These processes, their outcomes and the policy frameworks the experiments are embedded in will be mapped, monitored, evaluated and serve as evidence-base for revision of sectoral policies, strategies and innovation support instruments. Thereby, CHERRIES will engage the territorial stakeholder ecosystems in participatory agenda setting, need articulation and institutional reflection processes. These will serve as starting point for collective approaches with shared responsibilities aiming to create more open, inclusive and self-sustaining territorial research and innovation (R&I) ecosystems.

Within the CHERRIES Project, K&I is in charge of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment activities, aimed at securing the project’ overall impacts as well as to accompany and to study the policy experiments and the innovation pilots. K&I will also contribute to the process of reflection on territorial RRI implementation and future potential in the healthcare sector and in the training of key stakeholders at territorial level in RRI and need articulation processes.

The CHERRIES consortium consists of 12 renowned and EU-FP experienced universities, research organisations, SMEs, CSOs, healthcare organisations incl. a private hospital, business and innovation centres and regional authorities from seven European countries.

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Ready the CHERRIES “RRI & Experiment Toolbox. Toward Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems”

The CHERRIES “RRI and Experiment Toolbox”, set up by K&I with the active contribution of all the CHERRIES partners during the first period of the project, is ready and is accessible (in pdf format) for the regional teams involved in the pilots and for those interested to implement in their local context the CHERRIES approach and methodology. It collects and adapts RRI-related knowledge, tools, and other resources to support stakeholders and territorial partners in the implementation of the three CHERRIES experiments. Based on the screening and selection of RRI promising practices in health, the Toolbox incorporates existing resources from European and national projects and activities focusing on RRI, Smart Specialisation Strategy, and healthcare interface.
The Toolbox includes the introduction and two parts. The first part, titled “RRI in health. General resources for understanding and framing RRI in the healthcare sector”, provides the general framework in which the definition and the implementation of RRI-oriented demand-driven innovation initiatives in healthcare should be placed. The second part, titled “RRI demand-driven innovation approach”, provides resources useful for implementing RRI-oriented demand-driven innovation initiatives in healthcare and for triggering related-process of structural change within R&I territorial healthcare ecosystems. This second part is organised in five sections, according to the phases of the CHERRIES methodology and presents, for each of them, a set of resources useful for its implementation. Each resource is accessible via hyperlink.
The set up of the Toolbox can be considered an open process. The present version of the Toolbox might be therefore further improved and enriched through the next stages of the CHERRIES project, including possible tools developed and tested during the implementation of the three territorial RRI/demand-driven pilots, and other relevant resources identified within and outside the Consortium.

CHERRIES “Calls for solutions” are open. To know more, join the online Webinar on 4th March (11h CET time)!

CHERRIES territories launched 3 calls for solutions that will be open for applications till April 15th, 2021. Territorial partners in Cyprus, Murcia, and Örebro are looking for innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. 3 regions, 3 different challenges:

CHERRIES Cyprus is calling European companies and organisations to solve the “Provision of medical services to the Cypriot citizens that live in rural and remote areas and do not have easy access to healthcare services and prescribed medicines” challenge
CHERRIES Murcia is calling European companies to solve the “Early detection of progression in Multiple Sclerosis” challenge
CHERRIES Örebro is calling European companies and organisations to solve the “Breaking and preventing involuntary loneliness among elderly” challenge

For each regional challenge, CHERRIES will award one solution. Selected European innovators will:
Co-develop and validate the solution with the challenge promoter
Receive 50,000€ to develop the solution over 10 months
Access mentoring support to ensure smooth development and implementation of the solution

To know more about these calls and about the requirements for participating, register yourself for the webinar arranged by the project on 4th March (at 11 CET time), during which the regions will present the Calls and will answer to the questions from participants.
Here the link:

Online the third and the fourth issues of the CHERRIES project

From December 27th the third and the fourth issues of the CHERRIES newsletter are available online. The third number, presents the activities implemented between October and November 2020 by the project (the CHERRIES series of webinars on “Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems”; the CHERRIES Panel on “Mission-driven Health Ecosystem“ held in the framework of EBN Conference 2020) and in the three Regions (launch of the Calls for needs and implementation of Training workshops on territorial RRI in health, carried out in virtual mode). The fourth issue reports further insights from the preparation stage of the territorial pilots and presents the project SeeRRI (EU-Swafs 14), focused on the integration, at territorial level, between RRI and Smart Specialisation Policy.
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The launch of CHERRIES “Calls for Needs”

During November 2020, a “Calls for needs” (first step of the RRI/demand-driven pilots) have been launched in the three territories of Orebro (Sweden), Murcia (Spain), and Cyprus. These Call for needs are aimed at collecting unmet needs in healthcare, against which develop sustainable and responsible innovation solutions. The launch of the Calls for needs within the three regions has been accompanied by the implementation of training workshops, bilateral meetings with different stakeholders, and by specific dissemination and social media campaigns, aimed at involving, in the process of identification of such needs, a large number of stakeholders and key actors from the territory, and also citizens. The Calls for need will remain open for at least 4 weeks. The collected needs will be evaluated by a Selection Committee, composed of experts representing different sectoral and territorial perspectives. The selection process that will lead to the choice of one “need” in each region will end within the first part of December 2020. Based on the selected “need”, each experimental team will prepare and launch, between January and February 2021, a “Call for solution” within its region.
More information on the “Call for needs” in the three territories are available here.

Regional CHERRIES training workshops

During the preparation stage of the pilots in Murcia (Spain), Orebro (Sweden), and Cyprus, in November 2020, the local teams promoted (with the K&I support) the implementation of Training workshops, aimed at preparing the local system of territorial stakeholders, at engaging them actively in the regional pilots and at promoting the establishment of possible territorial coalitions on “Responsible and Open Innovation” in health. In each region, the design of the Training workshops was adapted accordingly to local habits and organisational needs. In Murcia, the training workshop was implemented through three virtual sessions: on October 28th, on November 4th, on December 1st, 2020. Within this last session, based on a contribution from Rosina Malagrida (Head of the Irsi-Caixa Living Lab on Health and Advisor of the CHERRIES project), a specific reflection was promoted around RRI and System Thinking for the management of complexity in health. In Orebro, after the implementation of a series of in-presence territorial events for the dissemination of the Call for needs, a virtual training workshop on RRI in health was held on November 19th. The meeting was aimed at establishing connections among different key actors of the regional innovation systems (smart specialisation community, social innovation partnership, etc.) and other relevant social actors. Claudia Colonnello (K&I) contributed to triggering a conversation around responsible innovation in health in the framework of the territorial experimentation in Orebro and more in general within the CHERRIES project. An interactive break-out session ended the training workshop, providing useful feedbacks and indications to the regional team. In Cyprus, training and dialogue/reflection activities on RRI in health were initiated, in parallel with the spread of the “Call for needs”, through the implementation of bilateral meetings or with specific stakeholders groups, while the arrangement of a training session on RRI in health will be probably arranged during the first months of 2021.

CHERRIES Webinars series 2020 – Exploring responsible healthcare ecosystems in Europe

CHERRIES project organises a first series of four webinars to explore some aspects that can contribute to shape more responsible inclusive, accessible and sustainable regional healthcare innovation ecosystems. These are issues and speakers of the four webinars:
• The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare – 22 September (h. 15:30-16:30). Prof Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)
• RRI practices in healthcare – 29 September 2020 (h. 14:30-15:30). Rosina Malagrida (IrisCaixa Barcelona) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)
• The role of procurement in healthcare innovation – 06 October 2020 (h. 14:30-15:30). Dr John Rigby (Bibliometica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)
• Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare – 13 October 2020 (h. 14:30-15:30). Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)
For more information about the Webinars and for registration, please visit this page.
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CHERRIES: second general meeting goes virtual

From 16 to 18 June, the second General Assembly of the Cherries project was held in virtual mode. It was an important opportunity to verify the work progress of all the Project Work Packages, with special attention to WP2 and WP3, concerning, respectively: the mapping of stakeholders, policies, and the three territorial healthcare ecosystems (Cyprus-CY, Örebro-SE, and Murcia-ES); the preparatory activities of the RRI-based experimentations that will be implemented in such territories.

In this framework, during the session of June 16, Claudia Colonnello, team leader for Knowledge and Innovation, presented the work carried out to set up the Cherries Toolbox on RRI in Health (Task 3.1) and to prepare the training workshops on RRI to be held in the three regions in Fall 2020 (Task 3.2). Moreover, on June 17, K&I illustrated the provisional version of the Monitoring and Assessment Plan, developed with the collaboration of the University of Leiden under WP6 (Task 6.1).

CHERRIES project launched with Kick-off meeting in Vienna

On the 16th and 17th of January 2020, the CHERRIES project (Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategies), held a Kick-off meeting in Vienna organized by ZSI. The project partners from Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden met each other for the first time and discussed their contributions and how they will work together. Cristina Marcone, the Project´s Officer from the European Commission´s Research Executive Agency, held the initial presentation to explain how CHERRIES is embedded in the H2020 framework and welcomed the participants. Her presentation was followed by work package presentations and discussions from all project partners. The aim of the meeting was to give all partners a deeper understanding of the project’s objectives and the interconnections to ensure a successful launch and swift start in the productive first year.