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Visiting professors

Over time, the School of Sociology established lasting relations with the scientific community at european and international level. This has involved academics and researchers with a very diverse disciplinary background. From the late 70’s to today, many academics from different institutions and countries have collaborated with the School or have lectured in it. Here below we name the main visiting professors.

For sociology:

Jeffrey Alexander, Filippo Barbano, Faruk Birtek, Edgar Borgatta, Giorgio Braga, Eleanor Brilliant, Tom Burns, Abram de Swaan, Marcello Fedele, Elke Koch-Weser, Johan Goudsblom, Nora Machado, Piotr Sztompka.

For the Epistemology of Human Sciences:

Paolo Ammassari, Sandro Bernardini, Hector-Neri Castañeda, Giuliano Di Bernardo, Rostislaw Kalinowski, Leszek Nowak, Patrick Suppes, Vladimir Vrecion.

For Global Studies:

Marcello Balbo, Ulf Hannerz, Jan. Nederveen Pieterse, Martha Schtaingart, Goran Therborn, Danny Wildemeersch.

For Brain Studies:

Eugene d’Aquili, Gian Luigi Gessa, Jacopo Meldolesi.

For Psychology and Psychoanalysis:

Annarita Calabrò, Alberto Damasio, Duccio Demetrio, Francesca Molfino, Alberto Oliverio, Giorgio Sassanelli.

For Science and Technology Studies:

Wiebe E. Bijker, Andrea Cerroni, Stefano Fantoni, Loet Leydesdorff, Emanuela Reale.

For the Physical Sciences and Nanosciences:

Tiziano Cantalupi, Florestano Evangelisti, Giancarlo Ghirardi, Michio Kaku, Aldo Roveri.

For Life Sciences and Paleontology:

Roberto Argano, Umberto Nicosia, Giuseppe Novelli.

For Cultural Anthropology:

George Balandier, Antonino Colajanni, Edward T. Hall, Ioan M. Lewis.

For Development Studies:

Miriam Campanella, Boahent Collins, Ram Kishan Gupta, Michael Leaf, Om Prakash Mathur, Deepa Narayan, Paolo Palazzi, Samantha Reynolds, Nadji Safir.

For Quality of Health Services:

K.Tina Donahue, Chris Peterson.

For Knowledge Management:

Patrick McLaurin, Laurence Prusak.

For Historiography:

Alberto Melloni, Renato Moro, George L. Mosse, Pietro Scoppola.

For Political Science:

Marina Comei, Umberto Cerroni, Williams P. Coleman, Giuseppe Cotturri, Giuliano Crifò, Ernesto D’Albergo, Carlo Donolo, Gianfranco Poggi, Massimo Rendina, Mario Tronti.

For Philosophy:

Vincenzo Cappelletti, Walter Tocci, Danilo Zolo.

For Legal Studies:

Francesco D’Onofrio, Luca Ferrajoli, Umberto Realfonzo, Federico Spantigati.

For Statistics and Demography:

Alain Desrosières.