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Elke Koch-Weser

Born in Brazil, Elke Koch-Weser, professor of social statistics, absolved her studies in Germany with a first diploma in journalism and later in the United States with a Ph.D. in communication and a specialization in quantitative social research. Once in Italy she has conducted research at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and until retirement has held the Chair of Social Statistics at the Faculty of Statistics, Demography and Actuarial Sciences. Her publications regard the methodological problems of measurement in social research and the elaboration of official statistics as well as key topics in the realm of the mass media, leisure, time use, and gender
studies. Much of her effort was dedicated to the strengthening of international cooperation in the social sciences. An active member of several scientific associations, she has been Vice-President of the International Institute of Sociology as well as the Coordinator of the program of the European Ph.D. in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies involving universities in several European countries.

Elke Koch-Weser – together with her late husband Paolo Ammassari, professor of sociology and methodology of social research – has ever accompanied, participated in and supported the manifold local and international activities promoted and undertaken by the group of sociologists and social researchers who in 2014 established Knowledge & Innovation. Since the origin of this group, in 1974, she has been sharing some of the group’s objectives and principles such as solidarity, fostering science by means of cross-cultural cooperation as well as the convictions regarding the need of conducting policy-oriented research in a multidisciplinary perspective.